Working In-House at the ARA


The membership association of over 20,000 financial industry professionals holds 17 conferences nationally every year. The images below are the different brands I designed for recent conferences, some from the cutting room floor, but majority in use. Each conference requires on-site signage, program guides, brochures, online marketing collateral, and other designed parts, all of which adapt to it's specific brand.

Re-branding and New Logos

When I began, they were looking for a new brand more reflective to what they do. The previous logo worked around a road, i.e., "road to retirement."

I worked this idea of a nest-egg, representative of savings and the financial industry as a whole. Once the logo was finalized over a period of 2 months, I created the brand guidelines, and applied the new look across the subsidiary "sister" organizations that fall under the ARA. Along with the new logos came new internal branding, including the new website, then applied to business cards, folders, letterheads and other collateral across the board.

Magazines and Campaigns

The ARA publishes two quarterly magazines, both of which I art direct. There are some covers and house-ads I've done for the magazines.

The next part of this is a savings campaign, with messaging I created.

Some miscellaneous pieces include infographics, courses, congratulatory dedications to members that get new credentials from the organization, and a logo/branding for the 2016 50th anniversary.